I do not accept commissions for individual parts but they may be added onto any current order of a head, partial or fullsuit.

Please keep in mind that detailed patterns and multiple colors will add onto the base price of any piece.

If you want a suit with major detailing like scales or cheetah spots the price will be much higher than a plain canine suit.


Toony styled heads start at $950


Toony styled heads are recognized by exaggerated features and large plastic eyes that can either be flat or following. 

  Available Add-ons

  • Fan in mouth
  • Magnetic parts
  • Moving Jaws are not available on toony heads

The features included in the base price are

  • Fully lined Foam based construction
  • Any Expression
  • Flat or following eyes
  • Static Jaw
  • Fabric Nose
  • Fabric Tongue
  • Simple teeth

Realistic styled heads start at $1,150

  Available Add-ons

  • LED eyes
  • Fan
  • Magnetic parts
  • Custom head sculpt for unique species

The features included in the base price are 

  • Resin Blank Construction
  • Hidden Zipper 
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Acrylic Follow-eyes
  • Moving Jaw
  • Silicone Nose and Tongue
  • Resin teeth

Partial Costumes start at $1,400


  Available Add-ons

  • Sleeves
  • Feet
  • Padded fingers
  • Fabric or Silicone Pawpads
  • Fabric or Plastic Claws
  • Foam Core Tail

The base price of a partial includes these parts

  • Toony head(+200 for Realistic)
  • Handpaws 
  • Tail

3/4 Costumes start at $2,200 for no padding or $2,650 for padded legs


3/4 Costumes include

  • Toony Head
  • Handpaws
  • Sleeves
  • Feetpaws
  • Waist-high pants
  • tail
worgen finished 001.JPG

Full Body Costumes start at $2,400

Fullsuits can come with or without leg padding, which give the illusion that you have animal shaped legs.

Leg-Padded costumes start at $2,850

  Available Add-ons

  • Muscle, Feminine, or fat padding
  • Dropped-crotch
  • Wings
  • Attached tail

The base price for a fullsuit includes these separate pieces

  • Toony Head 
  • Handpaws
  • Feetpaws
  • Tail
  • Bodysuit