Below are diagrams for how to measure. Please be honest while measuring yourself (do not give your garment size, do not edit your body size). If you are worried about a part being too tight please tell me but still measure your body properly. If you want to shave a few inches off or add onto your measurements because you plan on working out or losing weight please just order at a later time instead.

DTD/Duct Tape Dummies are required for full costumes and padding



Use a measuring tape
Have a friend to help you measure.
Make sure to triple check all measurements!
Please list measurements in inches and round up to the nearest 1/4 inch.
Red lines are circumference|
Blue  lines are Length


Diagram 1


1. Around head just above brow
2. Around neck
3. Height of face from top of head to chin with measure tape held straight
4. Distance between pupils
5. Length of neck from Jaw to shoulder while looking forward

Diagram 2 and 3


For Diagram 2
1. Around ankle
2. Around widest part of foot
3. Length of foot



For Diagram 3
1. Around wrist
2. Around palm
3. Around base of ring/middle finger
4. Length of palm from wrist to base of fingers
5. Length of longest finger
6. Length of thumb

Diagram 4


10. Bicep
11. Elbow
12. Around fullest part of lower arm
13. Wrist
14. Distance from end of shoulder to shoulder
15. From top of arm to Wrist
16. From armpit to Waist line
17. Inseam, crotch to ankle
18. From hip to ankle

1. Around torso at armpit
2. Around fullest part of bust/chest
3. Underbust
4. Around smallest part of waist, usually at navel
5. Around hips/belt line
6. Thigh
7. Knee
8. Around fullest part of Calf
9. Ankle