Before you Start

  • You are going to need a friend or two to help you do this. Ideally two friends is the best, one to rip tape and one to place it on you. It'd be best if they're close friends because when you get cut out of the DTD you will be left in your underwear.

  • You can hobble around a bit while you're being duct taped but once your joints are taped try your best to not move them or it will stretch the tape. You'll have to hold pretty still towards the end of the process.

  • Make sure to wear underwear under your coveralls. Not a favorite pair since they might accidentally get cut.

  • Use the bathroom before you start and have water nearby so you don't get dehydrated. Making a DTD can take a couple hours.

  • It's smart to make sure you and your friends read through this tutorial carefully before beginning and leaving it up to make sure everything is right as you work.

  • If you are at all claustrophobic, or prone to anxiety/panic, make sure the people doing the DTD know this and can watch for warning signs.

Things you'll need

1. A pair of disposable painter's coveralls, these can be found at walmart for $12
2. 4-6 Rolls of Duct tape, 4 rolls should be more than enough if you buy the larger rolls.
3. A permanent marker to write on the duct tape with. Black sharpies work great!
4. Scissors, preferably with rounded tips. Make sure they are sharp enough to cut through a couple layers of tape! Bandage scissors are great if you're super worried about being nipped.
5. A Metal spoon, you can use this as a barrier between the scissors and skin by wedging it under the tape before you wedge the scissors in.
6. Grocery bags or paper towels
7. A fan or a set up in a cool room, being wrapped in tape is going to get toasty.
8. Arm height items. This could be tricky but items that work: backs of tall chairs, shipping tubes, lamps. Alternatively you can go to the home depot and get PVC pipes cut for the exact height you need for around $5.


If you plan on following a different DTD tutorial please make sure your DTD meets all of these Guidelines

  • Do not use masking tape or gorilla tape.

  • Your friends should rip/cut the tape in 6-12" strips as it is applied.

  • Do not wrap the tape too tightly. This can cut off circulation and cause you to pass out. If your friends begin wrapping you tightly and it's uncomfortable at all ask them to stop. Cut yourself out and start over. The tape should smoothly lay on your body. You do not want your DTD riding up your groin or constricting your shape at all.

  • The tape must be layered well to make a nice, thick and durable DTD. You friends should tape over every part of you in at least three layers. There should be no gaps at all in the tape.

  • It is preferred that the tape be applied in a "criss-cross" pattern to keep it from unraveling after use.

  • Taping at least one foot is REQUIRED

  • Wearing disposable painter's coveralls is REQUIRED.

Please keep in mind that if something is wrong with your DTD you will be asked to make and send another one.

When your DTD is done, you do not need to tape it back up. Just fold it up, pack it into a mailer envelope or small box and mail it to the address provided.


Step 1.
Put on your painters Coveralls. Easy enough!


Step 2. 
Lift the arms and make an "X" shape across the chest and back to pull the coveralls into the armpits. Tape around the arms and torso too to create this harness look.

The purpose of this is to make sure the coveralls don't shift and pull in and odd way giving you "bat-wings"

If you have breasts and want the suit to be tailored to them you want the strip of tape that goes across the chest to be placed at the underbust so the breasts aren't taped into one shape with the stomach.


Step 4.
Now that your top is secured the arms can rest again.

Here your friends need to start duct-taping your groin area. You can do the first couple steps yourself if you're uncomfortable.
One piece of tape needs to go over the crotch from your belly to your butt. Make sure it is up high, but not uncomfortably so(you don't want a wedgie) It's alright if the coveralls pull up a bit.
Then tape around each thigh(go under the butt cheeks in the back) and around at the hip. Again this creates a harness shape to make sure the coveralls don't shift.


Step 5.
Fill in the Torso area but leave the shoulders loose until you're ready to tape the arms. 


Step 6. 
Tape down the legs, you can do them one at a time or work down both of them in equal amounts. Tape until you're at the end of the coveralls.


Step 7.
Wrap one foot in a plastic bag or paper towels to tape over it


Step 8. 
Tape up the foot and down to the other ankle. If the coveralls have run up and don't reach the ankle you can use another plastic bag or paper towels


Step 9. 
Now comes the hard part. 
Grab your arm-height objects to rest your hands on. Keeping your arms straight out the rest of the torso can be filled in.


Step 10.
With the Arms still resting in the up position tape down both arms. Again you can do them one at a time or both at the same time.

Tape to the wrists and if the coveralls are not long enough use plastic bags or paper towels again and tape over them.


Step 11.

Now your friends can break out the permanent marker.
First mark on the back where the belt/tail line is with an X, the belt line is where your belt sits most comfortably and approximately where the top of your tail will sit.

NEXT: They'll need to draw lines for where to cut you out.

1. One line all the way from the neck down the chest, down the side of the leg all the way to the toes of the foot
2. On both arms from the wrist up to just above the elbow
3. From the ankle of other leg up to just above the knee

All along the lines mark an "X" every 3-6 inches so that they can be matched back up when the DTD is put back together.

Step 12.

When the marker has dried enough to not smear you can finally cut the duct tape shell off. This is where the metal spoon will come in handy, use it to protect the skin from the scissors.

I find it's best to cut the arms out first, starting at each wrist and working your way to the elbow so that the arms can finally be put down.
then cut from the neck down the leg as far as you can, sometimes it is easier to free the other leg first.

Once all seams are cut you should be able to wiggle the duct tape off completely.

Try your best to keep your arms up and to move as little as possible while being taped up as it can distort the tape.