Are you new to commissioning and don't know what to do? 
Here are some steps to help you out so you know what to expect.


Step 1: Have a Design

If you have a particular design in mind for a character you want made then you need a reference sheet of that character. I do not require super detailed reference sheets as long as every aspect of your character, their species and all their markings/traits are clear. References made with free line-art are totally fine as long as the line-art is credited. I do prefer at least two views to show the front and back of your character, close-ups of any detailed markings, and a labelled color palette to be clear which colors you want for each part is always welcome.  If you want an artistic liberty commission or have a  character but no reference I can draw a reference for a fee to be included with your suit.

Below is an example of an acceptable reference sheet. The markings and shapes are clear, the colors are laid out and the species and gender is included.



Step 2: Check Prices

It's always best to have a budget in mind before making a larger purchase like a fullsuit. If you are unsure of your finances then it's safe to hold off and commission at a later date or work on saving up. I do accept payment plans($200 a month minimum after a 30% retainer fee) and you can find base prices listed here, all prices are in USD. You can use the basic pricing to get a good example of how much your suit would cost. Keep in mind extra features and detailed markings can add onto the base price and shipping is a separate charge when budgeting for your suit. 


Step 3: Look at Examples

Next you can check out my gallery to make sure my style is what you are looking for.  Please keep in mind that I do not copy other artist's styles so if you want a suit in the style of another maker, please commission them instead. 


Step 4: Read my Terms of Service

You can find my TOS here. My TOS is a set of guidelines I have put in place to provide you with information and to protect both of us should the transaction go sour. My TOS is non-negotiable and you accept all terms if you commission Golden Maw


Step 5: Open for Commissions?

If you have made it this far then it's time to see if I am open for commissions. If I am taking new commissions or not is listed on the side bar to the right.
Am I closed? Don't fret, I usually reopen for a couple new pieces every 4 months or so. You can sign up for my mailing list to be notified when I reopen, it is also listed on the sidebar.


Step 6: Getting a Quote

When I am accepting commissions you may get a quote by filling out a commission form. Those who sign up for my mailing list are notified first when I open for commissions, I may announce elsewhere that I have commission openings but I usually fill up pretty fast.

Please only submit a request for a quote/commission if you are prepared to put down a 30% retainer fee. This is to avoid having a surplus of window-shoppers sending in emails and forms.


Step 7: Acceptance

If your commission isn't something I want to make you will receive a rejection email. If it is something I'd like to make but I've already filled my commission openings or chosen a different design then you will receive a notification.
If you have been accepted you will receive a final quote price along with the deposit that would be due and we will start discussing any payment plans and finer details. 


Step 8: Payments and Patiently Waiting

Once you've been accepted paying the 30% retainer fee will put you on my work queue. I usually work in a mixed order of most paid off and first come, first served unless a rush fee is paid. My average wait time for a fullsuit with a full queue is 6 months from payment to completion(may vary depending on workload and details) so there is a bit of waiting involved. There isn't much contact during this step, if you are on a payment plan I will send monthly reminders, I'll also let you know when materials come in and provide pictures if requested. I'm around to answer any and all questions at this time, and if you want anything added to your suit this is the time to let me know. Usually a month before I start on your commission I will send measurement and DTD instructions if needed. You can check out my measurement instructions and DTD requirements ahead of time if you'd like. I will also provide a trello link to all commissioners so they can keep an eye on their spot in line.


Step 9: Working on your suit

Once you're up in line, paid at least 50%, and have your measurements/DTD in I will start on your suit! You are expected to be easy to contact during this step because I may be asking a lot of questions at this point just to be as clear as possible on certain aspects of construction and your character. Once construction is started you can expect WIPs at least once a week or so unless I've stated I'll be away from my workplace. 


Step 10: Finishing up

Once I have completed your suit I will take official pictures of it and post to all my media sites and send you a link to the pictures or collage. The suit must be completely paid off before shipping. I will then get your address and pack the suit up, once I make it to the post office I will send you the tracking number and an invoice for the shipping charges(I don't charge shipping until after the suit is shipped so there is no over/undercharging.) After that it's just the wait until your suit is finally delivered.