Predesigned Fursuits for Sale

These are designs that you can purchase to be made to fit you. Small alterations to the designs may or may not be available. Most designs can have additional parts added or be made into fullsuits. If you’re interested in a design below or have any questions feel free to email
These designs can not be purchased by themselves.

Manokit Golden.jpg

Yellow or Red Fox Sharks $1,750

-Fully lined toony heads with closed eye vision(usually excellent eyesight)
-Four finger padded handpaws with fabric pawpads and fabric claws
-Large fabric shark tails
*happy expression and closed eyes only


Bluejay or Cardinal Griffin $1,750

-Fully lined toony heads(ears can be omitted for a more bird look)
-Five finger fabric hands with scale details and fabric or resin claws
-Long tails with fabric feather details(tails can be changed to plain bird tails)
*any expression, flat or following eyes


Pink or Blue Hyenas $1,600

-Fully lined toony head with optional piercing detail(gold or silver)
-5 finger paws with stuffed fabric pawpads, and fabric claws.
-Medium sized tail
You can choose gold/silver for certain parts
*grumpy expression, flat eyes only

lobstercat pink.jpg

Blue Lobster or Pink Shrimp Cat $1,850

-Fully lined toony head with optional antennae
-Four finger padded paws with fabric pads and claws
-Large tails with fabric ‘scale’ details
*Any expression, flat or following eyes